Final count has concluded.

The following are voting results from final count.

Application for a judicial recount may be made between the declaration of final election results following the conclusion of final count and six days after that declaration.

At the conclusion of final count the election results were as follows:

BC Liberal Party49
Green Party of BC1
Vicki Huntington, Independent1

As of June 05, 2013
Electoral District Candidate's Ballot Name Affiliation Total Valid Votes % of Popular Vote
Vancouver-Point Grey Christy Clark BC Liberal Party 10,436 43.19%
  David Eby BC NDP 11,499 47.59%
William Gibbens Independent 72 0.30%
Hollis Jacob Linschoten Work Less Party 51 0.21%
Duane Nickull BC Conservative Party 392 1.62%
Marisa Palmer Libertarian 66 0.27%
Françoise Raunet Green Party of BC 1,636 6.77%
Bernard Bedu Yankson The Platinum Party 11 0.05%
Final voting results - Complete 24,163 100%